Composting Capers

In this activity you will learn what compost is, how it is beneficial for Mother Earth, and how to compost at home or school!


All of the listed watch and read activities would be great starting points for in-class discussions. For example you could look at the posters with your class then ask the students which information is important to know about composting and its impact on Mother Earth.

Want to demonstrate composting in the classroom? Try these in-class activities:

See Through Composter (found in the physical Zero Waste toolkit at your school)

Use the classroom See Through Compost Container and follow the Teacher’s Guide.  Students can include small pieces of plastic or metal bottle caps to see how they do not compost over time. Ask the students to think about what they want to do with the compost once it’s ready to be used.

Worm Composter

Create a worm composter using guidelines from here

Have a school or community garden?

Learning about composting can be a year-round initiative.  A composting program can be established within a school to recycle food waste.  The program would require maintenance (buckets must be emptied, aeration of compost pile or mixing of bins) and there must be a use for the compost (school garden).